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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ways To Make Him Want You and Only You!

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Capturing the attention of a man, is both simple and easy if you prepare yourself with the proper methods beforehand.  You do not need flawless features or even the best financial status to pique his interest. Although these would certainly not harm your cause, they are not mandatory to catch his attention and garner his interest in you. All you need are the following 5 strategies, a good attitude and a little luck; and you will be well on your way to developing a relationship with any man you so desire!
1. Be Cool -
Don't get all hyped over the fact that he is actually talking to you! Instead, act as though approaching him or getting approached is completely normal. As though you are not surprised but greatly humbled and willing to converse. Exclusivity should stay out of your vocabulary as well. Make him recognize that you are interested in him yet keeping your options open. So be sure not to bring up any marriage talk or future plans in the early stages of the relationship. If you do, you risk turning him away - if you don't, you open yourself up to his interest in you as he won't feel quite as 'tied down'.
2. Focus 
This might be difficult for some women to grasp as it is easy to become so obsessed with the thought of a decent relationship. However, you won't quite accomplish this kind of commitment if your life is currently out of balance. Men appreciate a woman who is interested in more than just him, (excluding other males). Most want to be with a woman who feel good about themselves, someone worthy of his love, and vice versa.
3. Use His Name -
This is probably the easiest yet most effective strategy within this list. By dropping his name into the conversation, in a subtle yet sexy way - gives your man a quick erotic boost that he didn't see coming. When you say his name, it will reassure him for just a moment that you are thinking of nobody but him. Use it casually in conversation, such as; "Then when I was finished with it Michael....there was no better feeling!" Drop his name on the sly during conversation, skip a beat, then finish your sentence. Use it sparingly and only when it counts. Up the sex ante by using this technique in a public setting, or by including slight physical contact in the process, such as placing your hand on top of his as you laugh, etc.
4. Develop Your Personality -
This one should be a no-brainer. If you do not feel at all comfortable around a male, any male and/or at any time, you need to work on yourself some. Men are men and will always be men. They can be brash, inconsiderate, silly, and so much more - but they still have a heart, and most will be willing to let you into it under the right circumstances. Learn to love yourself as well and be comfortable and confident with everything you do, everything you say, even everything you wear! 
5. Wear Fragrance -
Scent is considered the most primitive of all the senses, meaning the one we have evolved to associate with and remember the most. Using a fragrance correctly can be a significant aphrodisiac for your man, as it travels through his nose and up his limbic node until it reaches his brain and stimulates an emotional response. This way when you go in for a hello hug, you will awaken his senses and pique his interest.  Make him really want to know who you are by giving him the opportunity to approach and pursue you. There are multiple ways to go about this, but only a select few will ultimately trigger his desire to maintain a solid relationship.

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