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Saturday, July 23, 2011

You Are The Only One That Can Save Your Relationship

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Are you trying to save your relationship? Have you done everything you know how to do but still your relationship is on the rocks? Are you now asking yourself the question, "Can anyone help me save my relationship"?
Well the answer is yes. There is someone who can help you save your relationship. And that person is you. You are the one who can save your relationship. It might not be easy but it could be a lot simpler than you think.
First you need to figure out why your relationship is not working out in the first place. Is it mostly your fault or the fault of your partner? When did it start to deteriorate? Is it the result of an attitude of yours or something you said or did?
Are you too demanding or nagging? Or is it simply that the spark has gone out of your relationship because neither of you paid enough attention to nurturing your relationship. Maybe both of you just became complacent and comfortable with each other.
Once you figure out what caused your relationship to slip in the first place, then you can take some actions to correct things.
The Power of an Apology
If you determine that it was your fault that things fell apart, then apologize. A sincere apology goes a long ways in restoring trust and commitment. It convinces your partner that you really care about them and that you can admit your faults and that you are not willing to let pride stand in the way of your relationship.
But make sure you are apologizing for the right reasons. Don't accept blame that is not yours. But even if you are not to blame, you can apologize for not understanding the point of view of the other person and for allowing things to get to this point.
The Power of Communication
Another thing you can do is to keep talking to your partner. Don't allow communication to stop. Always keep talking to each other even when you're angry with each other.
Set aside some time when the two of you can sit down over a cup of tea and talk calmly and quietly about why your relationship is going down the hill. Don't get into an argument or try to lay blame. Tell each other how you are really feeling and be sure to listen to what the other person is saying without interrupting. Make sure to make eye contact and listen deeply.
Often you will find that the thing that is separating you is something very simple and easily corrected. It could be just a misunderstanding. But even if it is something more complicated, once you discover what it is, you can both then take the appropriate steps to set things right.

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