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Sunday, August 7, 2011

All Men Cheat, True or False?

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Is this just a matter of luck? The women who have never been or rarely cheated on are just lucky? The ones that have been cheated on are just unlucky? There has to be and is more to it than luck. I know women who have never been cheated on and have been in more than one long term relationship. I know men who wouldn't dream of cheating on their partners. They adore their partners and cheating is not an option. Do all men cheat? No they don't.
The sad thing is that a lot of women who have been cheated on go into a new relationship and bring the past baggage with them. They expect that their partner will cheat; they have been conditioned by the men in their past that this happens and the new partner ends up paying for the sins of the man before him. Is this really fair? I know it's hard to trust again. I realize this. Not trusting though just sets you up for a repeat. Let me explain my thinking here.
A woman that has been cheated on struggles with trust, she questions her new partner about things such as where he has been, who he was talking to, did he talk with an ex and so forth and so on. She may browse his Facebook page; she may check his phone or his email. She is constantly looking for signs that he is cheating. Shouldn't she be looking for signs he is faithful instead. Wouldn't this make more sense?
By expecting a man to cheat, is it possible that this behaviour actually encourages him to cheat. Could this in part be why men cheat? Men need to be trusted to commit to a woman completely. If they don't feel trusted, they don't feel committed to the core. It's the woman that inspires a man to commit to the core. The commitment will never be solid if the trust is not there.
Then there is the universal law of attraction to consider. You are your thoughts and your thoughts create your world. If your thoughts are always all men cheat, you create your world of men who cheat. The women who are not cheated on are almost always positive in their thinking and don't even consider that a man would cheat nor question why men cheat. It's just not in their thoughts, therefore it doesn't manifest into their world.

I think another reason some are cheated on is simple because they accept the wrong partner and ignore the warning flags. They repeat this over and over and expect something to change. They are attracted to the bad boys. Bad boys cheat. This is something else to consider if you have been cheated on in your past. Did you accept the wrong man? Do you have a history of accepting the wrong man?
A man will not cheat on a woman he adores and respects. Are you that type of woman? Insecure non trusting women often are the one's cheated on more than the confident women. This is evidenced every day.

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