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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are You Really Falling in Love When You are Passing Through These Phases? Find out!

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"Is it love?" You are wondering just like David Coverdale does each time he performs the emblematic ballad. Others will be able to tell if you are truly falling in love but you have difficulties reading the signs.
Falling in love is a beautiful process that happens to be exceptionally difficult to describe. Passion, butterflies in the stomach, racing heart and dry mouth are all showing you that something truly special is happening. Can you be sure that this is really love?
The phases of falling in love are very similar, though each person experiences this beautiful sentiment in a unique, unforgettable way. If you are still wondering, here are the main phases that will help you decide if you are really falling in love.
Butterflies in the Stomach
The beginning of a love is a wonderful, embarrassing, thrilling and ecstatic process. It is connected to a number of weird physiological changes each time you meet that potential soul mate. You feel dizzy and you get butterflies in the stomach. You lose your capability to speak and act as a rational human being. Your heart races and you begin experiencing hot and cold flashes.
These first signs tell you that the person is really special and that you are starting to experience an emotional change. It is still early to tell whether this is love or lust. This first phase will soon transform into something deeper.
Trying to Impress the Other
You will next be trying to impress each other, doing everything to keep the other person happy and coming back. 
You will begin paying more attention to your appearance. Wardrobe changes, new hairstyles and appearance experiments will be something very typical. Each new date is awaited eagerly, though it causes some discomfort and uneasiness.
Passion, Passion, Passion
Soon, you will be moving to the realm of passion. This is yet another very typical phase of falling in love.  The need to caress each other, to hug and to touch each other is constant and exceptionally strong.
The phase of passion and physical exploration is strongest during these first stages of love. That person seems like the most special being. You are impressed by each move and each new outfit. The two of you have the potential to mesmerise each other.
Getting to Know Each Other
Apart from passion, you will also be experiencing emotional and intellectual proximity. This is one of the most beautiful stages of falling in love. The two of you talk about other things. You share childhood memories and intimate information. The comfort level increases and you experience safety and security in the presence of the other person.
You are now really capable to imagine your future together. You think of that first anniversary. It is easy to imagine even a marriage proposal, a bridal shower and a wedding soon after.
The Bond Becomes Stronger
As you continue falling in love, the bond between the two of you will become even stronger. That initial fear and nervous expectation is no longer there. You cannot wait to see each other.
You begin knowing that other person and loving each aspect of it. Accepting bad habits and shortcomings appears to be something easy to do. You love that person, you love the qualities and imperfections.
Falling in love is glorious. Each time, it will be one of the most amazing experiences in a human's life. Love cannot be described and classified. It needs to be experienced. Just like the phases that lead to it.

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