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Friday, August 26, 2011

How Committed in Your Relationship?

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What are the benefits of creating a lasting, mature and fulfilling relationship? First of all you avoid the financial and emotional hardship of divorce. Also research indicates that people in happy healthy marriages are emotionally and physically healthier, have reduced risk of drug and alcohol abuse and have better relationship with their children. The reasons for staying committed are obvious and most people do not begin a marriage with the intention of ending in a nasty, hateful divorce. However, many people do not seem to be able or willing to stop their relationships from spiralling downward.
Although it is never too late to choose to improve your relationship, finding the motivation to do so is much easier when you are still happy with each other. Start early fortifying your relationship and be consistent. No relationship is so amazing that it will not suffer from neglect. Just as you would not expect your garden to be weed free and abundant without some attention, you cannot expect your relationship to be nourishing and fulfilling without some effort to make it so.
Commitment is an important part of a lasting relationship and making your relationship worth committing to is the first and most important commitment you will make. Keep that intention, of making your relationship wonderful, in mind and refuse to say, We do not know how and instead say, We will figure it out.
 You are both unique and what is best for your relationship is also unique. Consider the following suggestions, experiment and discover what works best for you.
Create rituals that tie you together. Rituals for parting and greeting, try hugging, kissing, smiling. Rituals for special days, decide how you will celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays that are important to you. Develop rituals for connecting every day, little touches that say, I am here or I love you.
Make plans for couple time. Unplug from and turn off the distractions and spend some quality time together. Try a minimum of 20 minutes a day and at least one weekend getaway a year, even if it has to be a staycation.
Enjoy in the present. With all your planning for and visualizing a positive future together, do not forget to enjoy today. Find ways to be grateful for even the tough days. Those are days when you can choose to support each other and to remember that, We will figure it out.
Give yourself a higher motivation. Choose to be good examples to your children or to your friends and family.
Learn and Grow. Learn about each other and about what it takes to make your relationship great. Choose to mature and grow together rather than apart.
Your relationship is worth nurturing and protecting and when you stay committed to making your relationship great it is easy to stay committed to each other.

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