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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How Compatible?

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Finding someone compatible isn't as hard as it might seem. There are about twelve major life areas to consider when you think about how compatible you are together.
There are two that top my list: life routines and feelings. All are attainable, but not always easy.
1. Life routines cover how you spend your time each day and how it differs from the way s/he spend theirs. If you both enjoy doing most things together - shopping, eating out, seeing movies, and reading the same types of books, you're ahead of a lot of people who think they found someone compatible because they like the package but haven't really examined what they need instead of what they want.
Are your sleeping patterns and arrangements similar or - is s/he an early riser, full of pep and you aren't, you enjoy sleeping in and starting your day slow, quiet, a cup of tea before you want to even get to 'good morning.'
2. Emotions, those feelings we live with, are always there - your feelings and how you share them with each other will either bring you closer together or open a chasm - are you free to express how you feel, what you're thinking and why? This is huge when you're trying to find someone compatible to live with long-term.
Often heard is the lament, 'he never gives me time' or 'she doesn't pay any attention,' There's this thing about talking, hearing, and listening.
Talking to each other - rather than, talking at each other; hearing the words; seeing the looks, and paying attention with respect; listening with an open mind and heart, and then working together to accomplish great things together - that's a compatible relationship.
Remember, your relationship isn't a play - it's your life in progress. Begin at the beginning to establish it the way you want it to be. There's nothing worse than being miserable when a little planning could create bliss.

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