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Sunday, August 14, 2011

How Strong is the Attraction?

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Attraction is a key ingredient in a relationship. When a man leaves, this ingredient has somehow gotten lost. Life can get in the way often. Stress happens, things happen in life that put outside pressures on relationships. If the attraction is lost, men often leave as opposed to working it out but why?
Men must feel like they are making you happy. The day the man feels like it's a job to make you happy, he leaves eventually. It's what makes men happy; to make the woman they love happy. If you don't assure your man that he makes you happy, you could be partly to blame. If you are a woman that complains he won't feel he is making you happy I promise. Complaining only puts distance between couples.
Many women struggle with men leaving during the early stages of dating. There are many reasons why men leave in the early stages. The main and only reason though that you should be concerned with is the fact that yes he did leave. For some reason he did not see you as girlfriend or wife material. Hard pill to swallow indeed.
Often women spend so much time analyzing why a man left. They go through it over and over in their heads and never get the right answer. My philosophy is it's ok to analyze. It will come in handy one day when you meet the right man that does not leave; you will be better able to recognize him because you won't feel the need to analyze him to death.
I would have loved to tell you that it's not you, it's him and that is why men leave, but the truth usually is it's you. There is something that reaches his core and tells him you aren't the one. Some reason his attraction fades. If this keeps happening to you, it pays to understand how attraction really works and what keeps the attraction going. It's way more than a physical thing, it's a deep emotional attraction that holds him.
The main reason why men leave is about attraction. It has started to fade. The more it fades, the more you may be feeling disconnected and this may cause you to hold on tighter or start to question and feel insecure in your relationship. This will only assure his disappearance

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