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Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to Attract a Man

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here have been many suppositions and guesswork around the topic of how to attract a man. There are many online resources for men around the topic of dating women but not the other way around. This article was written for women who desire to increase their chance of attracting their soul mate.
First, let's break some typical mind blocking issues: beauty as something to do with attraction with men but ONLY to a certain extent. From an evolutionary point of view, men were wired to look for a woman who can raise children. They are attracted to larger hips and breasts which are signs of fertility. This is no longer the case now. Without going really in-depth with this hypothesis, it means that men have dispositions for certain body type. This, however, does not reduce your chance of attracting your dream guy. You simply have to be aware of it.
So, what do men like in a woman? If you ask men that question, you will get countless different answers. But if you look closely, you can notice that even if they say they like a woman who has a sense of humour and outgoing, they might wind up marrying a close-minded work-oriented woman. That said, you have to know that most men do not really know what they are looking for in a woman. On the other hand, you can't let yourself fall in the same thinking trap. Know what you value, and what kind of man you are looking for.
By knowing that, you will not hesitate and this will boost your confidence level. Any individual that knows what they want is attractive. Nobody wants a lost puppy that can't take a decision for itself. Same goes for men and women.
Here are a few pointers you should check out if you want to attract a man:
©    Look good. And that doesn't mean getting surgery. It means dress nice, wear some makeup (notice I didn't say a TON of makeup), and find a perfume that suits you well.
Be confident. Sure it is easy to say, but think about it for a second. Why shouldn't you feel confident?
Don’t be boring. Boring people are... boring. Men do not enjoy the company of a silent ghost. Be the life of the party.
Now that you know how to attract a man: know who you are and what you value, look good and decide who you want to be with.

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