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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Simple Relationship Advice

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You might be surprised to know that although you have been struggling with fixing your relationship, sometimes it happens by following some simple relationship advice. I do understand that it is hard to see pass your current difficulties but believe me when I tell you all relationship problems are solvable. Don't let your relationship problems steal your joy and love for your partner.
I'm sure that you will agree that one of the biggest obstacles to fixing your relationship is time and dedication. We tend to allocate most of our time to work, kids and other leisure activities and we don't devote as much time to working on our relationships. If you are not careful, your relationship can soon grow distant and cold if it's never worked on. The good news is that as long as you have once before felt the passion, commitment and success in your relationship, you most likely can do so again. Fixing your relationship doesn't have to just be a desire and won't be if you act on some simple relationship advice as outlined below.
Simple Relationship Advice for Fixing Your Relationship
Retouch and Restart - Have you ever noticed that the longer your relationship problems exist the less you seem to hold hands, hug and kiss or do other intimate things? Well, chances are that's how your relationship started out. It probably gave you goose bumps just to hold hands and kiss. A hug was priceless in the early days of your relationship I would bet. So why not go back to your roots and reconnect by initiating simple expressions of physical touch. It doesn't matter if your partner wants to or not, ask for a hug and a kiss and to hold hands. Do it in natural settings and don't force it or it will come across as fake. Touch often and set off those sparks again.
Balance Your Conversations - Research has determined that in broken relationships very often communication has broken down. Couples either only talk about the problems and negative stuff which leads to distancing or never talk about the bothersome things, which can lead to pent-up frustrations. The way to correct this is to focus on your conversations and try to ensure that they are balanced. If you never talk about the things that bother you, try to find ways to bring them up in a non-confrontational way. Make sure your partner doesn't feel under attack and communicate that you need to discuss the particular matter to help you better relate. Make it about you and not your partner. This will go a long way towards fixing your relationship.
Dwell On the Positives - "As a person thinks, so shall it be". If you can, please try to fill your mind with images of the fun times you have had and the joyful moments. If you dwell on the positive stuff, it can re-energize you and help you with fixing your relationship. I assure you that if you focus only on the negatives in your relationship, your problems will overwhelm you and consume you. I'm not suggesting that you ignore the things in your relationship that need addressing. However, don't dwell on them.
Fixing your relationship doesn't need to be the most difficult thing to achieve in your life. Learn to go back to the basics and use the simple relationship advice as noted above.

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