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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The smallest deed!

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he smallest deed is better than the greatest intention. - John Burroughs
How many times have you intended to do something wonderful to show the love of your life that they are amazing? How many times did you carry out your plans? If you’re like most people, not that often.
The appeal of John Burroughs' quote is that it is the small things that are more likely to be accomplished. Little deeds of love really count. Taking the time to notice what someone is wearing and then offering a positive comment can serve relationships well. So can remembering a birthday or anniversary. Bringing them a glass of water when you see them working hard or touching them sweetly as the pass by are other examples of small and meaningful deeds.
Small deeds add up to a great body of work. The great intentions don't usually occur or get expressed. Think of the people you care the most about and their behaviour that led to your caring about them. Most were small deeds or words.
Frequent and small acts of love and affection change the landscape of our relationships. I see so many couples that don't have those loving small habits. They love each other, but don't express it or show it except in some grand way a few times a year.
Interestingly, these same couples can show love and affection for their children. They often tell that their parents didn't show them much so they vowed to show their children they are loved and thought about. Yet, many still contend that because they never saw their parents show affection, use endearing names, or small gifts, they don't feel comfortable doing so with their spouse.
It's as if they think they can continue to act as their parents did and not have the same disasters. They act as if it costs them some great price to bring home flowers, a card, to walk in and hug one another. I am amazed how much resistance people have to changing this with simple small acts.
Small deeds of love don't cost much and surely you will never run out of affection. If you are uncomfortable starting this, try to do it in small steps. The discomfort goes away the more you practice it.
The big acts of love are great. I want as many of those as I can give or gather. Still, it's the little loving acts and words that warm and comfort us. It's always good to know you are loved. The more often it’s said and shown, the happier we are.
A light and persistent effort in small deeds builds up good will that helps us continue when times are tough.

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