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Thursday, August 11, 2011

You Can Maintain a Healthy Relationship in Tough Times

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Tough economic times can put enormous stress on the best of relationships. Here are seven tips to help couples stay connected so they do not have to worry about their relationship in addition to all their other concerns.
1. Stay away from blame and criticism. There are always plenty of reasons to get stuck in "if only" thinking. If only you had taken a different job and others, you can live in the presence. It is too late to undo what has already happened and it keeps you in the past.
2. Let each other know what is important to you as a couple and family. This is where you share with each other as to what you value. Together you want to come up with solutions that protect what you both value.
3. Crisis can bring couples together or drive them apart if they cannot agree on what is important. It is too stressful to work on cross purposes. If you find yourself in such a situation go back to the drawing board and start over by identifying what both of you can support.
4. Some of the decisions you may have to make may be painful but if you know you have each other's support this can be an opportunity for growth as a couple.
5. Pull each other back to the present. It is the only place where you can find solutions. Support each other emotionally. You will find that you will each have moments or days of feeling discouraged. Be there for each other so that neither of you becomes an additional emotional burden for the other.
6. Take care of yourself by remembering to maintain your body with regular exercise, eating right and sleeping well. It takes a lot of energy both physical and emotional to find solutions in changed circumstances.
7. Keep a "we will get through this" attitude. A positive mindset based on WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER will keep you emotionally connected and strengthen love.

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