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Saturday, August 20, 2011

You Can Make a Man Fall in Love and Commit

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ou spotted him and connected with him and you really do like him; and now you want to conquer him and get him to fall in love with you and commit to you. Does that summarize your current state? If so what does it take to make a man fall in love and commit to you?
Ø A vision of your desired reality. What is it that you really want? If you are not sure about what it is that you want then you are unlikely to get it. A vague mushy vision will not work since you want to be motivated to do what is required to get what you want and to be able to know when and if you are making progress. So sit down for a second and decide in as precise terms as possible what your desired outcome is. What does his 'falling in love' with you look like to you? What does a commitment to you look like? Be as specific and as detailed as you can so that you know well what it is that you want from him.
Ø Make a plan! Cold as this sounds you must make a plan to get a man to fall in love and commit to you as left to his own devices he may just never get a clue or he may get a clue and for some reason do nothing about it. To get what you desire you need to be pro-active even if you want to do it in a subtle manner.
*   What do you need to do? You want him to not just fall in love with you but to take it a step further and commit to you so yours is a balancing act of holding his emotions while also creating a need in him to commit to you. This is really hard to do. To get him to fall in love with you requires him to see all your great physical and inner qualities (available) but for him to commit to you he needs to believe that you are precious and rare. So depending on you and the man that you like, you need to do what works for both of you but remember that he is not like you so too much of you will not motivate him to commit to you. You must give him room to appreciate who you are and to realize how important you are to him.
*   Start now! Procrastination is never a friend so start today to get him to fall in love with you. Make it a point to dress to show off your great attributes, be interested and interesting and have a life.
*   Monitor your progress. Since you know what you want you need to periodically take stock to see if you are making progress or not and to adapt your plan to the changing reality. If your plan is not working so that he is still not showing any additional romantic interest in you then you must find out why your plan is not working and then make the necessary adjustments.
Ø Stick to your plan! It may take time for your plan to bear all the fruits that you want so you need the ability to stick at your plan. This does not of course mean that you should deny reality. If you made progress initially and then he lost all interest you must find out what happened and remedy it. Be honest with yourself as self denial will not get him to fall in love with you. Keep working those parts of your plan that are working.
To make a man fall in love with you assumes that the man has some attraction towards you and you are only enhancing and directing that attraction. If he has no romantic interest in you then you can work at lighting his attraction but if his attraction toward you cannot be lit then whatever you do may not get any response from him. 

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