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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You Can Manage Stress Successfully In Your Marriage

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Stress can come from everywhere and can hit you every day. But it doesn't have to affect your relationship to the extent of ruining it forever.
In marriage, stress can also be experienced every now and then. This can make marital issues blown out of proportion leading to conflicts between the husband and wife. Sometimes, the source of stress may not even always be your partner. There are times when one spouse is upset over what happened at the office or in their business that day and the anger and frustration are just thrown to the other partner resulting in an argument or a fight.
But this attitude needs to be changed if you want to keep your marriage for a lifetime. Whether you're the husband or the wife, you have to be more understanding towards your partner and support him or her regardless of his mood. Tolerance is the key to a successful marriage. Sometimes when the tension is so high, it's easy to just flare up and throw your anger to your partner. But if you have enough patience and tolerance, you would know the right time to talk and give your opinion.
Psychologists suggest that couples need to take time to decompress. When stress is noticed especially when both of you come home from work, just let each other relax for some time. Finding time to discuss issues and share the day's activities is also essential. You can do this later in the night. This is the best time to share your disappointments and your successes in your respective endeavours.
You need to be open about your thoughts and feelings so your spouse will also do the same. Remember communication is a vital part of any relationship and how effective you are in this aspect will make a big difference in keeping your marriage intact. Take the time to listen to what your spouse has to say and figure out how you can support him or her. Doing this is also helpful in eliminating your urge to vent out your anger towards each other.
Through your constant communication, you will also have the opportunity to know how your partner deals with stress. Some people want to remain quiet when they have issues to deal with while the others are more verbal. If you find that your spouse is the quiet type when upset, the best you can do is to give him or her space to relax and cool down.
Finally, don't take occasional conflicts with your spouse personally. If you know how to be an understanding and supportive partner, you should be able to handle stress in your marriage successfully.

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