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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Your Friend, Lover, Neither or Both?

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There are many different types of relationships between couples. But the ultimate relationship is based on their passionate and deeply rooted love for each other. Then as a bonus to this they often become best friends as well. Ideally for the perfect relationship it takes the dual combination of a friend and lover. However a loving relationship can function quite well without the couple being best friends. If the relationship is more based on being best friends than lovers, then this can be an issue.
Any couple should always take the time to assess the relationship along the way. Often many relationships fail because of the lack of doing this. This is when the partnership starts to be taken for granted and all of a sudden one day each of the couple look back and say when did we spray apart? This is when the friendship relationship can sneak in and the passionate love relationship ends. By rekindling this passionate love on a regular basis it’s like house- cleaning your heart. It gets rid of all the clutter that is standing in the way of your relationship, and allows you to once again focus on the reasons why you fell in love with your partner in the first place. It is so common for many couples to refer to their spouse as their best friend. This is wonderful; however it needs the foundation and the deep rooted love in order to be a good relationship.
It really is an extra blessing when your partner is also your friend.
So the bottom line comes down to ideally you want to strive in your relationship to have your partner as your deep rooted lover and your best friend. If both are not possible, then focusing on the loving relationship will be the priority. If neither is possible then you may very well be in your relationship simply because it is easier than trying to start all over again or simply based on pity and compassion for the individual that you are with. None of these circumstances make for a great way of living and have to be addressed.

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