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Friday, September 16, 2011

Avoid complacency!

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If you want to keep your relationship fresh and strong like it was in the beginning, maintain that person you were then. There is no big secret in how to keep your relationship strong. Great relationships grow from two great people. It's two people with a desire to be something special to themselves as well as someone else, a willingness to go over and beyond what is expected of them and a passion to enjoy every moment possible with that person. Those who remember those things already know how to keep their relationship strong and alive.
A relationship can become comfortable. While this is what you want to achieve, it is also the death trap to a relationship. When we get too comfortable, we tend to let things slide just a little bit. We forget to open the door for our sweetheart, or forget to kiss them good night every time, or even begin to look at the things we get to do for each other as work rather than fulfillment. While it is good to become comfortable within the relationship, complacency has no place in any relationship. Understanding the difference between comfort and complacency is one sure fire way to keep your relationship strong.
Another how to tip for a strong relationship, is allowing yourself to enjoy doing things for the other person. People give to charity and assist others in tragedy for two main reasons; to help, and because it feels good. If you want to keep your relationship strong and loving for years to come, then remember that charity starts at home. Home is not what you live in; it is where your heart is. Never get tired of doing for your loved one, enjoy the feeling of treating them with such love and care. I know that sometimes some couples experience a somewhat lopsided relationship.
The best thing you can do to keep your relationship from turning sour is to always be courteous to your loved one, and to acknowledge even the little things they do for you. One of the causes of one sided relationship is the gradual decline in acknowledgement and appreciation for the little things. Showing your lover that you appreciate them and all they do is sure to keep them wanting to giving and doing for you and the relationship. Showing kindness and courtesy to your partner will also keep them looking at you with respect and love.
Never ever forget to give your partner attention. Listen to them, and treat them with respect and sincerity. Affairs typically happen when someone show attention to someone who has been missing that part of their life. A feeling of intimacy comes from attention. Keeping intimacy alive in your relationship will not only keep your relationship strong, but can keep infidelity out of your relationship.

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