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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting a Guy to commit-Possible or Impossible?

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eing in a relationship with a guy you are ecstatic about being with can be a great thing. It can make you feel as if life is working out for you and like you are finally getting what you deserve. All of that can get flipped upside down though, if you start to get the impression that he is not going to commit to you. It's one of those issues that women face that does not seem to show any signs of going away. How do you get a guy to commit to you? Is it possible or is it impossible?
Getting a guy to commit to you is not impossible, though it can seem that way at times. There are some men who just will not make that commitment however hard you try though, and you want to be sure that you are not involved with a man who fits that bill. If you are, you might just be wasting your time and your energy on him when you could be better served using that time and energy on yourself.
How do you know if he is the kind of guy who will not commit to you no matter what?
It can be hard to tell, especially if he is the kind of guy who has no problem with saying one thing while meaning another. However, there are some clues that you may want to look for if you are not sure if he is the guy who can make a commitment to you or not.
Here are a couple of clues that he is not really going to make that commitment that you want:
1) He skirts around the issue so that he does not really have to talk about it at all.
2) He generally avoids responsibility in all other areas of his life.
3) He is overly flirtatious with other women.
Those are not the only signs that he is not the kind of guy who can make a commitment, but they are ones to watch out for.
Now, how do you get a guy to commit if he is the type who can do that sort of thing?
1) Be very careful about pushing his buttons over the issue. Yes, you do want to get an answer and you do not want to be strung along, but if you press too hard - you might lose him when he was getting ready to make that commitment to you.
2) Make him see the difference between having you in his life and NOT having you in his life. People sometimes fail to see what their life would be like without the person that they are in a relationship with, and sometimes just getting him to see this will be enough to make him want to commit to you.

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