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Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Move On After a Break Up

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reaking up sometimes can be a good thing, but moving on after a break up is not as easy as replacing your dress after it gets dirty. Healing after a break up takes time. It takes a lot of courage and self-respect in showing your ex that you already moved on. The important thing to remember in a break is that it is not the end of the world life goes on. Start a healing process by accepting the fact that the relationship has ended.  Allow yourself to cry to help you release the frustrations and anxiety. Allow yourself to heal after you stop crying.
While in the process of moving on after a break up try many different things and accomplish something new in your career or personal life. Give yourself plenty of time to heal and recuperate. Get yourself busy. Use time to reflect on your life and set clear expectations for the future. If you love books, buy yourself a good one or a great dress, or the latest DVD movie. For the time being, be careful of the music you play since this can manipulate your emotions. Take long baths or engage yourself in favorite pastime activities to relax yourself.
Involve yourself into positive activities that make you feel good. Clear your minds of all negative feelings and do not drown yourself in alcohol. Go out and have fun with friends and loved ones. Surround yourself with people who understand your feelings and the emotions that you are going through. Get rid of the pictures and other things that will remind you about your ex.
When you are ready to move on after a break up; start dating again. Allow yourself to fall in love again and enjoy the start of a new relationship, but know your intentions. Don't be afraid to take risks. Take care not to be consumed in this new relationship; you never know when another break up may happen again. Learn from your past relationship but do not dwell from the past. Enhance the positive things you did during the past and work on your weaknesses during the past relationship. Before becoming involved in any one person, be sure you've learned from your past mistakes.
The most important key in moving on after a break up is to forgive your ex for hurting you. Let go of all your anger and bitterness towards them. Do not let a failed relationship scar you for life. Save your friendship and do not end the relationship in bitter terms as you might bump into each other again. It's a small world after all, who knows the possibility of rekindling your relationship in the future.
Learning from mistakes, enjoying the pros of the situation in finding yourself, and moving on is the secret to happiness. Remember that a healthy relationship is one that adds to your life

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