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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Learn What Works and Does Not Work Before You Make Another Mistake!

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Time and again I have seen many relationships end badly, whereas their fallout could have been saved or even avoided!
Mostly, this kind of occurrence is due to a lack of communication, trust, and harmony between the two. The love was certainly there, but it wasn't being acknowledged quite as often - nor as sufficiently as it should.
If you feel like your relationship is slowly slipping through your fingers, or your man just isn't as interested as he once was - use the following 7 tips to help rebuild that solid foundation, and make the both of you feel loved and adored as you once were!
  • Speak Clearly... and deliberately. If you have something on your mind that makes you concerned or stressed out, share it with your man. Developing a deep connection is to open up and share all parts of yourself with the other half - so give him the opportunity.

Be careful not to come off as too aggressive or hostile when you approach him to share these thoughts. He may feel as though he is being attacked and close himself off, rather than open himself up to console and help.
  •  Don't Be a Female Dog... and hound him all day. Instead of feeling productive, you will both feel annoyed and upset. Try not to nag, hover, spy, or get upset over petty occurrences.

Instead, initiate the first tip and talk things through - you are a team. When true love is at its finest, there is nothing you cannot overcome together.
  • Be You... and it is that easy! If he is worthy, he will have fallen for you because of all the little reasons that make up your character. So deliver nothing but the best!
  • Give Him His Top of The "exotic ingredients"... and watch as he drools at the thought of digging in. If you are worried that your man might become unfaithful or stray in some way from his loyalty to you - there is a quick and easy fix!

Give him some seriously good love at home and he won't bother to look elsewhere. If you feel awkward or uncomfortable, say so to your man, but then back up that thought by saying how excited you are to try new things regardless.
Force him to realize that he can gape all he wants at the cheap big-bite on the streets - but he will always have his delicious meal waiting back at home!
  • Speaking of Food... learn how to prepare his favourite dish or some new recipes. If you can read, you can teach yourself something new. There is always room to improve your best, so up your skill-sets and aim to impress him with your irresistible initiative and ambitious goal-setting!
  • Show Your Support... and be his favourite little cheerleader in whatever hobby of his he is passionate about the most. Cheer him on, get excited about it, and encourage that he learn new things as well.

In fact, try learning something new and different together - you will bond over the unfamiliar, create a new memory, and develop a deeper connection!
  • Respect Him Always... and never take him for granted. Appreciate and acknowledge the big and little things that he does for you, and don't hesitate to return the favour!

Follow these guidelines and the two of you will be well on your way towards romantic bliss.

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