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Monday, September 26, 2011

Make Yourself Irresistibly sexy to Your Man

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o be irresistibly sexy to your man will mean that in his eyes you will have a combination of charm, appeal and charisma that he simply cannot resist. When you can achieve this in your relationship then it is a blissful state to be in for both you and your man. So how can you be irresistibly sexy to your man?
1) Look and feel sexy. Sexiness is something that will flow from you when you feel and dress in a way that makes you feel feminine and happy to be you regardless of your imperfections. What clothes or accessories bring out your best features and make you feel sexy and attractive? What makes you feel feminine and brings out what you know are your best features? What grooming tricks make you feel attractive? What about your hair, face, nails and toes...what style or care makes you feel good and attractive? Then use these types of clothes, accessories and grooming habits to make you feel feminine and good. If you feel feminine and sexy in your own skin then you will be irresistibly sexy to your man.
a) Take care of your physical health. A proper diet and exercise will do wonders for you and get your feel good hormones flowing. You can eat most things in moderation or with simple changes and use of healthy ingredients. Exercise programs have expanded and if you look around you will find something that suits your temperament and time constraints. You can go to the gym or walk out or do a variety of fun things. When your body releases those feel good hormones then you exude a joy and charm that will be irresistibly sexy to your man.
b) Take care of your mental state. What are you doing today to open up your world and mind to new experiences? Staying in your comfort zone may be comfortable but every now and then you need to try something that is new and scary to you so that you can grow as a person. It may be public speaking or writing that poem that has been wandering around in your mind or publishing that book that you have wanted to get out of you or whatever thing you have desired to do but fear or inaction has kept you captive. The experience will invigorate you and you will glow with a joy of life that will be irresistibly sexy to your man.
2) Do him good every day. You want him to start realizing how awesome you are as a partner so think of what he would love done for him every so often. You do not of course want to be his new slave but you want to treat him to something special every day or every so often. This may mean giving him time to unwind and be quiet for a while or supporting his sporting activity or whatever will bring him special joy. You are one of his closest friends so you would be best placed to know what tickles his fancy. If you do not know you may need to either observe him closely or simply ask him. You want him seeing your interest and care for him as that will be irresistibly sexy to him.
3) Flirt with him as often as possible. You want him thinking sexy thoughts about you and so find creative ways to get him thinking that way. Flirty jokes or comments or touches will get his mind working in that direction. This can be fun especially when he is at work or far away from you. You know your man... what works for him and you? You want to put sexy ideas about you into his head in a tasteful and fun manner so that wherever he may be you will be irresistibly sexy to him. Done properly a good flirt will be irresistibly sexy to your man.
To be irresistibly sexy to your man starts with you and how you feel about yourself and your life. It then overflows to your man as a benefit to your relationship.

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