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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Poor Communication

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There are big and small causes or reasons why relationships don't work. Some include minor infractions as lack of time or inability to make a date, which one perceives as an important occasion. Some are major as lying, stressing even the best of relationships. If not properly addressed, your relationship issues may turn bad or later come back to haunt you. If well handled though, this leads to a stronger relationship breaking through to another level of relationship understanding.
Most of the time, reasons for problems can be attributed to basic communication. With poor communication, when both parties are not open, do not share or are not truthful, you can expect troubles to arise. You often hear 'it takes two to tango' or a relationship is 'like a highway that goes both ways'. These figurative statements in fact embody what a good relationship needs, two-way communication for it to work.
Sad endings caused by bad communications that lead to many complications, causing a wedge between or breaking up of the relationship or bond. Some of these complications are discussed below:
Poor Communication in Your Relationship Leads to Secrecy:  When you don't speak to each other often, you learn to keep secrets. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unwittingly you do so because you got used to this lack of sharing. Without honesty, those little secrets become big ones that will cause your relationship to fall apart.
Poor Communication in Your Relationship Leads to Distrust: The recipient of your lies is sure to react badly when she finds out of your dishonesty. You may think you may never be found out but it only takes someone who knows to expose you.
Poor Communication in Your Relationship Leads to Misunderstanding:  Inability to meet expectations is one reason for misunderstanding. You will be unable to do the things expected if you do not know what they are. Asking is best for understanding.
Poor Communication in Your Relationship Leads to Arguments:  Expect fireworks when news or secrets not shared comes out. Better yet, before the argument happens, imagine your partner's reaction if you keep things from her. Fast forward to what happens after, you should be forewarned.
Poor Communication in Your Relationship Leads to Anger, Fear and Suffering: Verbal anger may be easier to handle as you can hear and feel the emotions. You can actually seek to resolve this via better communication. On the other hand, feelings that are bottled up as resentment or anger can later turn to hate if your partner refuses to share. This is the same for fear that leads to suffering. Communicate to be understood.
Make it a habit to be truthful, to be open. Discussing concerns or issues make you both aware what the other wants from the relationship and can adjust to these expectations. Good communication is the key to harmony in your relationship or in your marriage. Ensure the smooth flow of communication between you and your loved one to keep your relationship free from hurt or harm. Go for smooth sailing all the way.

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