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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things That Will Delight Your Man!

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here are many things that you can do to delight your man but what can you say that will make his day? What are some of the things that a man always loves to hear?
1. You are a great role model! We all want to have an influence beyond our immediate lives and a man always loves to hear his positive effect on others. He subconsciously wants to leave some sort of legacy so find a way or ways that your man is having a positive influence on others. What is he doing that is influencing his children or other people in his particular sphere of influence? Find things he is doing to help or influence others and applaud him specifically and honestly. Whatever he is doing he is interacting with other people so just open your eyes to see how what he is doing is positive and good. And then let him know that you have noticed and you think that it's great and so is he.
2. I love you and find you immensely attractive! You love him and so you must find ways to let him know. Find specific things about his character, his looks and who he is that you love and verbalize it to him periodically. A man loves to hear the fact that you find him attractive in specific and truthful ways. What is it that you love about him: his sense of humor or his integrity or his easy going nature or his infectious smile or his moral fortitude or his intelligence etc? Make a mental note of all the things that you love about him and be on the alert to the great things about him that you discover daily. And then let him know that you love the different things. Be creative and let the love words and traits drip from you to him a little each day. You want to be authentic but do not overdo it otherwise it will lose its power so it has to flow naturally and appropriately without pretense.
Say these 2 things often and at the appropriate times and your man will feel loved and appreciated and your relationship will grow in ways that you could never have imagined. Love is not just a feeling but deeds and words so love your man with your words.

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