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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Touching is Effective! Find Out...

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A marriage can be something of beauty and passion or it can be a curse and a burden to bear. What you will experience in your marriage is completely dependent on how you and your spouse view, treat, and communicate with each other. With this in mind, here are the basics to enhance your relationship, and fully enjoy the beauty that your marriage truly is.
Interestingly enough, but not so surprising; almost all couples with many years of marriage behind them all say that they touch and play on a consistent basis. Almost every couple with 10 or more years of a happy marriage volunteered the fact that they hold hands when they walk, they make love, and somehow just find time to touch each other any way possible. Notice I said a happy marriage. Since we are looking at a marriage survival guide, we are only interested in how to be as happy as possible. Also, notice the fact that this information is typically volunteered, and not prompted as a question. Obviously, those who have happy and successful long term marriages attribute touching and sexual activity to part of their success.
Another interesting yet unfortunate observation with newer couples is that some begin to think that they want a happy relationship without the touch. Possibly this stems from such vigorous empty physical contact in their learning relationships, that they mistakenly associate the beautiful physical aspect of a healthy relationship with a characteristic of an empty and temporary one. This is a recipe for disaster.  Till you both have had time to learn about each other; I do not believe or agree with restricting physical touch. There is nothing wrong with a little touching and building a physical bond (even building anticipation and excitement) in the early stages of a relationship.
Human touch is magical and even healing, not to mention one of the key survival tips for a marriage. It is well known that babies will thrive with physical contact from its parents. Our need for touching does not go away when we become adults. In fact, our need and desire to be touched lovingly grows as we grow older. Touching does not have to be sexual, but if it is, there is nothing wrong with that. Cuddling, holding hands, kissing, making love, stroking hair; any form of intimate touching is going to add to a relationship. It keeps two people close and keeps them focused on each other. Touching and sexual activity is not only healthy for the individual; it is healthy for the relationship.
If you are satisfying each other's touch desires, you will be less likely to experience infidelity in your relationship. While there may be many "reasons" for infidelity, the need or want of physical contact or physical appreciation ranks the highest on this topic. Infidelity is one of those events in the life of any relationship that is difficult if not impossible to work through and heal from. While we should be able to expect our partner to remain completely faithful, it never hurts to lessen the risk of it happening. Anything we can do to strengthen our relationship and bond with our spouse, is a wise and profitable investment in our own happiness.
Touching not only gives your spouse things they need, it encourages the same back to you. It is a great enabler of reciprocal actions. By building this reciprocal thinking in each other, you are injecting this mentality into all aspects of the relationship. Since touching is such an easy thing to do, it is the perfect stimulus to instigate such a healthy behaviour between the two of you. But besides all the indirect benefits of the giving and receiving of each other's touch, you will get to also enjoy the direct benefits of it as well. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why this is a marriage survival technique every married couple should know.

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