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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Work on Your Commitment

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You see the woman of your dreams. You court her. You win her. Your relationship seems the best thing that has ever happened to you. Unfortunately, you experience a bump in the road that turns into several bumps in the road where arguments cause you both pain and suffering.
Little things get blown out of proportion. Your relationship is going nowhere. You wonder and think hard what to do. You ask family and close friends furtively and generally how to work a relationship out. They seek to help you with their kind words of advice but you realize that they counsel you what you already figured out: to be humble and to work out your differences by being truthful with each other. You are asked if you are committed to the relationship, if you truly want it to work. Without hesitation, you answer positively and in earnest.
If you believe in relationship commitment and if your partner believes in this commitment as well, you can start from there. Build on this mutual belief by agreeing on some basic considerations, some of these are given below:
Relationship Commitment Means Practising Honesty. You need to be truthful in your words and actions. Opening up and letting your loved one know you better lets your relationship grow. Deeper understanding of each other allows you both to have a better bond or link beyond the time you started on your journey as one.
Relationship Commitment Means Believing, Trusting. You have to believe that what is shared is true. You have to trust that your partner will be with you for long. Let there be no walls between you. Keep your communication lines open both ways. It is in believing and trusting each other when you reach a level of security where you are both free to be individual people yet one, just the same.
Relationship Commitment Means Sharing. Beyond words, share your lives, your experiences. You have much to experience together. Find time to bond more, to get to know each other better. There is much joy in learning.
Relationship Commitment Means Giving Tender, Loving Care(TLC). Your TLC means more than physical or material items. There is much to learn from the love that children give unconditionally to their parents. Find ways to enhance your relationship. This may be in the form of words of love, a simple caresses, a smile, a peck in the cheek or other seemingly small acts of affection that mean so much more.
Relationship Commitment Means Going the Extra Mile. Keep the romance alive, give and take as often as you can. Your love story does not end with 'I do's.' It goes on and you both contribute to the chapters every day of your lives together. Go the extra mile, find reasons and ways to make your relationship an enjoyable and a truly fulfilling one.
Take on the responsibilities of commitment. Your relationship's future depends on your willingness to grow with each other, on your continuous dedication to make your relationship work.

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