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Monday, September 12, 2011

You Can do it Without Manipulation!

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ave you been wondering when your boyfriend or partner will pop the question, or worrying how he feels about marrying you?
I am going to share with you a natural way to move a man towards marriage without making him feel guilty or obligated to you.
Many women spend their time in worry and fear about their relationships. If deep on the inside you want marriage, you are not alone. In fact, there are many women like you who want to get a proposal but time seems to be going slowly and it's not happening for them.
Men marry certain kinds of women who demonstrate certain personality traits. These women are able to influence the men they are with, in a natural and authentic way. They don’t try to trick or manipulate men in order to get what they want. It is all based on their behavior. Once you can start to respond in the same manner, it will increase your chances to get your man towards marrying you.
It really is very simple. Men choose to be with women who make their life easier. These aren't the kind of women who are responding just to make men love them. They first work on loving themselves, they exude a certain confidence that shines, and then the men get hooked on their personality and can't let go. They know how to be irresistible to their partners.
These men then get addicted to wanting them around and out of a natural desire to continue to feel good when these women are around them. They want to hold onto that feeling!
Your best bet is to respond to your man in a way where you are triggering those lasting feelings of attraction in him. Once you start to trigger those feelings, he'll associate those good feelings with you. No man wants to let go of good feelings. You don't want to let go of a good feeling right?
The bottom line is: men marry women who make them feel good. If you're not responding to him in a consistent manner where he feels you are making him feel good, he won't want to stick around.
Also, if you are facing his resistance, it is usually something that you are not aware of within the relationship that is causing the resistance. Getting your partner to give you a deeper commitment will happen naturally when you remove the resistance out of the way. Women, who know how to get men committed to them, behave in ways that make them want to feel loyal and committed.

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