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Saturday, October 22, 2011

How Can I Tell If It's Love?

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Many people ask this question, of all ages, sizes, shapes and colours. Why? Because they remember telling themselves “not to fall in love.” However, further down the road, the mind ignored the first set of orders given to it, and the heart took over. Many people don't even realize when "love" occurred.
So they go on with their lives, only to wake up one morning, depressed, beyond belief and not knowing what the "real" problem is.
Sometimes, not all the time, it's only a matter of "you" breaking your heart.
Before you end a relationship, or throw a relationship under the bus, you might want to be sure that your heart is in harmony with your mind. The heart can be cruel, when ignored.
Below are 9 ways to help you know if you are in-love.
1. You can't wait to see the person, even if you been together for a long time. (If you push the thoughts out of your mind, that it doesn't count.) You are only ignoring the heart, and one day the heart will get you back, for ignoring it!)
2. Before you go to sleep at night, and first thing when you wake up, your thoughts are on him/her. Careful, if these thoughts are negative, you might want to make a mental note, to, "change negative thoughts to positive thoughts"
3. You know you might be in love because before you make a decision, you think about how your decision will affect him/her.
4. You may have a need to touch him/her, all the time.
5. You are usually in love when you won't eat the last piece of diet, without making sure he/she has had enough!
6. If he/she gets sick, you pray that they will be OK.
7. If he/she hurts you, usually, you will find an excuse for why they hurt you. And in some cases, just ignore the inner pain which they caused (this may or may not be healthy).
8. You live for yourself and for him/her. Sure your family, friends and job are important, but you can't even begin to think about a life without them.
9. You know you are in love when you look at your partner and you see yourself.
Love brings up everything unlike itself, before it stabilizes. Being in love in the beginning usually means you have a long rocky road ahead of you. Love stories for centuries; have been top of the line entertainment, because reading or watching how a couple manages to manifest their love is more than entertaining, it’s enlightening.
Even if you feel hopeless, with very few options in life, love will, and can bring you through to the other side. This is why it's always important to remember that the love you give is really for you.

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