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Friday, October 21, 2011


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Integrity is being lost in marriages, businesses, sports, TV, and even the government. It is a word that seems to have no meaning to people anymore. If you want to start saving your marriage, and stop divorce from winning the battle, I hope you are not making a simple mistake that has cost many couples their marriage. Being honest and true to yourself and your spouse is an extremely simple task, and shouldn't be a problem in a marriage that is supposed to be filled with love, yet it seems to be.
How can you save your marriage by using integrity? Well it's simple really; don't lie, and be upfront.
If you're feeling guilty about doing something, then don't do it. You will naturally tell yourself what you know is right and wrong. Even if your spouse doesn't know about what you're doing whether you are cheating, flirting, watching adult content or anything else, but you know they would be upset. Then you still shouldn't do it if you know it is wrong. Being honest with yourself is the first step, from there being honest with your spouse should be fairly easy.
Having a marriage built on integrity will always outlast a marriage that is built on lies, or even small amount of dishonesty. Working towards a marriage that is completely honest will take some time, but it should be a goal for both of you! If your marriage is in trouble because of dishonest related issues, it is time to come clean. It is the first step in saving your marriage. Once you both come clean with lies you may have told and whatever else, you both will feel relief. It may be hard to accept certain things that they tell you, but you are starting a new chapter now so explain to them how you feel with certain things they tell you. And be honest about how you feel, if something bugs you, let them know. This is a new beginning remember, you are now about to save the marriage!
From there on out, just try to be open with each other, communicate with each other, and be honest with each other. As the integrity level grows within your marriage, it will keep getting stronger, and so will your marriage. The feeling of love and trust will be fulfilling and divorce will no longer even be in the horizons for you and your spouse.

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