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Monday, October 31, 2011

Love is Supernal

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Love is emotions, trust, care and sacrifice. If any of these are missing, a relationship will shatter down to pieces within a fraction of a second. You realize it when you come across someone who finds the missing part of your soul, who makes you realize that you're the most beautiful and amazing person on this globe. Love is about devotion to each other. It's the divine feeling one experience in his / her beloved's arms. It never cheats; it never gives up before any trial and tribulation. Holding your beloved's hand gives you the strength to fight back with anyone who stands against you, no matter if it has to be the whole world.
Sometimes I wonder why people fall apart, why can't a relationship last life long?
Then after pondering for a while I come up with the conclusion that trust is a vital component in any relationship. People cheat in relationships, give false hopes, and break promises which lead to ending up of a relationship. No relationship can stand strong on the base of lies. It has to fall apart.
Life without Love is like a scorching desert craving for rain. One cannot spend his entire life without it. When one is a kid, they need love from their family. Once they grow up to be a Teen, they seek the same from their beloved. The teen grows up to be a man and finds it in his wife. Life goes on and one finds love on every stage of their life. Life is hard but love makes it worth living.
Life is inevitable. We never know when it would knock us down. One should live this life to the fullest and love with all their heart. Express it to your beloved before it’s too late.
It isn’t bound to humans alone. Even animals cannot live without it. You find love when a lamb is being embraced by a sheep in the cold weather. Love is omnipresent. Everyone deserves to be loved. God never makes junk.
It can heal all your wounds and uplift your soul whereas fake love can hurt you to no extent. It can be a curse if you end up loving a wrong person. Lust is often misunderstood as love. People pretend to love and walk away once their intentions are over. Love, true or fake can be identified on the basis of emotions your beloved has for you. Finding true love is like finding a needle in a haystack. Difficult but not impossible. Once found, never let it go because it's the most beautiful thing one can ever experience in their life time.

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