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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Make Him Want to Spend Time With You

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o you feel that you have to force your man to spend time with you? Does he seem to find other people and activities more engaging than you? Then let us look at some ways in which you can turn the tide on that and make him want to spend time with you.
©    Be happy in your own feminine skin. You must be feminine and happy in your own skin so that you give out a positive aura that will draw him to you. If you are unhappy with your womanly body and traits then invariably there will be an aura of sadness and negativity around you that will have a repealing effect on him. But if you enjoy being a woman; you have made peace with how you look and are dressing your shape so that you feel and look great then you will have a joy and confidence that he will want to be around.
©    Have an interesting life.  If you spend your days bored and disengaged from life in each other’s presence you will feel a need to escape from each other in order to find someone or something that will invigorate both of you.
©    Encourage his other interests. You are both complex human beings that have varying desires and needs that you alone cannot meet in and for each other so encourage him to pursue a sporty passion or other such activities that gets his adrenalin flowing. When you give him room to enjoy his other interest away from you then he will not resent spending time with you as he will no longer feel trapped or coerced into being with you.
©    Let the time together be about both of you. You should be a safe place for him so don't dominate the conversation or insist on doing only those things that interest you while ignoring your partner's needs. If the time with you meet his needs then he will want to spend time with you but if it does nothing for him then he will avoid spending time with you.
©    Don't let it be a time of talking about all that is wrong with him and your relationship. If you tend to look at this time together as your nag-him-to-action time then he will avoid spending time with you as none wants constant criticism however wayward they may be. Let it be a time of more positive reinforcement of your partner and a regrouping as a team. Yes bring out what is not working but with the purpose of getting a workable solution and not to blame him for it. If he realizes that spending time with you makes him feel good and gives him something practical that he can do then he will want to spend time with you.
©    Take him by the hand and tell him exactly what it is you want. Don't assume that he understands what you want from him. And don't assume that he doesn't enjoy your company as he may simply be clueless since men and women don't always see things from the same lens. Sit down with him and explain to him in simple terms what it is that you want and negotiate a compromise with him so that he understands how important spending time together is to you.
For him to want to spend time with you then he must see the benefits of spending that time with you. It must be time that builds you both and your relationship.

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