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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ways to Improve Your Relationship

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our relationship with your spouse or partner can be, ideally, a safe harbour of intimacy and teamwork. To build and sustain this bond, however, takes conscious attention. Taking the time to nurture the connection with your mate is crucial to avoid taking one another for granted. Read on for ten things that you can do to deepen your feelings of closeness with your loved one.
*  Say "please" and "thank you" to your partner. Just because you are comfortable with your partner does not preclude using the language of common courtesy in daily interactions. Expressing appreciation for the little things is encouraging and unifying.
*  Give your partner a hug. Just when it's feeling like the natural time to pull away, stay in the embrace a few extra moments.
*  Pick something specific that your partner did or said and compliment it. Positive reinforcement is powerful and builds bonds.
*  Control your urge to ask for a compliment right away from your partner. There's time. Your relationship is a marathon, not a sprint.
*  Practice self-care. Carving time out for you is important to mental and physical health. We can't give to our partner if we have nothing left to give. Try some deep breathing or anything else that renews your spirit.
*  Share Your Gratitude List. Take a few moments, perhaps cuddled on the couch together, to take turns sharing five things for which you're each grateful. Go even further by making this a regular ritual.
*  Get Out of A Rut. Does the television come on every night after dinner? Try shaking up your routine by taking a walk around with your partner instead, or playing a card game. Activities like these spark conversation and encourage connection.
*  Exhibit Curiosity about Each Other. What's something new you could learn about your partner today? Maybe it's something from the past such as a standout childhood memory. Perhaps it's something in the future like a five-year goal or fantasy career path. There's always something new to explore about your partner's inner world.
*  Share Meals Together. While this might be difficult due to conflicting schedules, make a commitment to eating together as often as possible. Sitting down to dinner together is an opportunity to hear about your partner's day and to share yours as well. Set the alarm for a half an hour earlier in the morning to connect over a cup of coffee or tea.
*  Have a New Experience As a Team. Doing something new can be energizing and invigorating on an individual level, and the same is true in a relationship. Imagine what it would feel like to take a holiday trip with your partner and conquer the rapids as a team. Result? A shared positive experience of giving to each other.
What other ideas can you think of to enhance the feelings of closeness with your partner? Challenge yourself to come up with more ideas to keep your relationship fresh.

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