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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Words That Hurt or Words That Heal

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A well spoken word can open doors and the same can be said for words spoken between two people in a marriage or relationship. Good communication is the life-blood of a good relationship, one that is satisfying and strengthening for each person involved. These skills if not learned while growing up, can be fostered through learning what works through trial and error, or from good resources like role models, teachers, counsellors, courses or books.
If you are struggling with your relationship, you might prefer to get some help from an expert rather than try to muddle through with the risk of losing the relationship altogether. Sometimes there just isn't the time to try to learn slowly. A proven way to get your relationship or marriage back on track is what is needed immediately.
In this situation, learning good communication skills with an expert either in person, or through resources such as books on communicating well with your partner, can work very well. Using methods that have been tested by many other couples can give you the confidence that these resources can help you too.
Just because you love each other and you know each other, doesn't mean that you can afford to get complacent in the way you speak to each other.
When we do not resolve little disagreements as they occur and they build up, eroding the respectful way of treating one another, it affects the way we communicate too. This will not let the other know that they are loved and appreciated. It makes us feel like we are not valued.
We have to change how we speak to each other and individually try to make a personal commitment to speak kindly and in a respectful way to and about each other every day.
This will not happen overnight, but slowly and surely can strengthen and build up our relationship. More importantly, You can be each others' best friend!
Good communication involves being willing to learn how to, and a commitment to persevere.
You can make your relationship better, and there is no better time to start than right now.

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