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Sunday, November 6, 2011

5 Tips to Succeed in Long Distance Relationship

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thers may say that being in a long distance relationship is not possible. On the contrary, it is very doable. But to make it work, you need to put a lot of effort into it. The hardest thing about long distance relationships is the possibility that your other half may get attracted to other people.
If your partner is a thousand miles away and you constantly worry about the status of your relationship, knowing these tips will be very useful to you and your partner.
Define the Relationship
If you haven't put a label on whatever it is you're doing, then this might be the perfect time to do so. Defining the relationship is a very good first step on tackling your anxiety. What kind of couple are you? Boyfriend-girlfriend, exclusive, engaged, open relationship, pick one and stick to it.
Defining the relationship, means you know your boundaries. If you have your boundaries, you will know what actions are allowable or not.
Communicate as Frequently as Possible
There are a lot of tools to do this, use them always. Communication really is the key to lessen your anxiety. If you trust your partner enough to agree on a long distance relationship, then I believe that his or her word will be good enough to calm you down.
Put an Expiration Date
There should be a time that your long distance relationship will just be a relationship minus the big distance. Having a date or a goal on when the two of you will be together is really important. It will diminish your anxiety bit by bit as every day passes and you get nearer to your goal.
Visit each Other
Got the means to do this? Then you should both do this as frequently as possible. Visiting each other is a nice gesture. It shows that you really care for each other and you are willing to go to great lengths just to see your partner.
Nothing beats the feel and smell of the person you love. Scheduling a weekend getaway just the two of you will be a mini vacation from your long distance relationship. At this point you could talk better and reassure each other again. Or, simply relax and enjoy each other’s company.
More Trust
It's pretty obvious right? You are getting anxious because you don't trust your partner enough. Then all you have to do is get over it and accept the situation you are in. Trusting your partner will rid you of your anxiety and will give you that peace of mind.
If you are feeling a little jittery from all your suspicious thinking then a call wouldn't hurt. Remind yourself of the goal you've set up and take a breather and relax.
Being anxious from time to time is really normal and is actually healthy. But if you are getting anxious everyday of things that might be happening you are not seeing then get a hold of yourself.
Long distance relationships are very simple, but it is not easy. Just hold on and be strong, keep the flame of love alive.

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