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Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to Build a Healthy Relationship

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We all come into this world hoping to be loved. As we age we spend a lot of our energies and time on finding love and building healthy relationships. Words have universal and personal meanings therefore it is important to explain what is meant by "healthy relationships." Healthy relationships are where love is both given and taken, they are free of abuse - both mental & physical. In order to create and maintain an excellent relationship with your partner you both need to illustrate your love for each other in five ways.
Encourage trust in your partner and expect your partner to trust you as well. You trust your most intimate moments with this person you need to be able to trust your partner when you are not together. Trust allows you both to grow as individuals and as partners.
It is far too easy to take your partner for granted. Therefore it is vital for a healthy relationship to be full of gratitude. Being grateful for your partner's kindness, their quirks, and their qualities keeps the focus on the things you enjoy about them rather than the elements you do not. Gratitude maintains and promotes a promising relationship that feels fresh throughout the years.
A sound relationship is full of passion and not all of it is of the physical nature. In order to encourage a loving relationship both partners should show enthusiasm about each other's accomplishments, support for each other's hobbies, and both of you should have a zeal for the relationship you are building together. Passion is what brought you together; it should also be the glue that keeps you together.
In every relationship there should be levels of consideration. Both partners should be mindful each other's needs, wants, desires, and fears. Being considerate of each other's feelings, will prove that your relationship is not based in infatuation, but rather is a real commitment to each other's wellbeing.
Humans are social, we want and need companionship. Therefore, have fun in your relationship. Enjoy each other's company. Do things you both like to do together.
By nurturing your trust, gratitude, passion, consideration, and companionship - in and for your partner - your relationship is sure to grow.

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