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Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to Satisfy Your Woman Effectively in Bed (Mature Minds Only)

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Sexuality in women is far more complicated than men. While men can only orgasm through their penis, women have multiple parts in their body which can be used for sexual pleasure. In women clitoris is considered to be the most sensitive sexual organ as well as stimulation of g spot can help in achieving intense orgasms while some women are so sexually sensitive that they can orgasm just through the fondling of their breasts
A woman's body is quite complicated and men often get confused in deciding what they should do to satisfy a woman sexually because achieving orgasms are very important for women and yes like men some women also ejaculate in an intense way.
Although a woman can achieve an orgasm through stimulation of clitoris but a true intense orgasm she will experience is when all her sexual orgasms are stimulated equally. Making a woman orgasm through this technique will not only make her feel sexually satisfied but also bring her more closer to you as she would be satisfied that her man knows her body well and truly deserves to be her partner.
A big turn off for a woman is when her partner seems to be in hurry for sexual intercourse. Getting down straight to the act of penetration will greatly reduce the chances of experiencing sexual pleasure but it might also cause pain in the vagina because of lack of lubrication (a vagina becomes lubricated through sexual stimulation of her vital sexual arousal points).
Proven Ways Of Giving Successful Orgasms
It is very essential for men to understand the right ways of making women experience intense orgasms.
The first step to lovemaking is generally kissing so not only concentrate on her lips but kiss her all over the body her breasts, neck, navel,  stimulate them all with kissing and make kissing her a habit because women just love it madly.
Second most crucial thing is to concentrate on her breasts and spend at least 5 to 10 minutes on them. A woman's level of arousal can be easily ascertained by looking at her nipples. A fully erect set of nipples means that a woman is fully aroused and ready for experiencing intense multiple orgasms. Stimulation of her breasts will also lubricate her genitals and prepare her for smooth penetration.
Maintaining optimal health levels is very important to enjoy sexual activities. So take care of yourself and help yourself to a great sexual life.
So coming back to our main topic if you want to make your woman crave for you in bed it is very important to understand a woman's body. You will not become a master of sex in one day but if you follow the above techniques you will surely win your partner’s heart.
Be healthy and happy.

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