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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Love or Lust: Find Out!

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hen you are in a relationship, sometimes it is difficult to tell if the man you're with is genuinely giving you all his love or is just somebody who treats you like a prized possession. Can you tell the dissimilarity between the two? There are in fact several signs which may denote if it is love or lust. However, what you might really need to comprehend first is how male psychology in fact works. The truth is both men and women possess sexual triggers which are way dissimilar from each other. With women, when they engage in a sexual act, there's certainly an attachment established towards the object of their desire, which often leads them to fall in love with a person. With men, however, it's like the newspaper; they simply get rid of the person once they have gotten what they desired from her and immediately lose interest if they have no emotional feeling for that person. It's cruel, but it is often deemed to be a truth which makes men aggressive, unrelenting and heartless creatures.
Maybe you are starting to question if the man you are in a relationship with is definitely in love with you or is just making use of you for sexual purposes. Sometimes, you are even scared of knowing it was the latter, and you would like to see, it goes far beyond lusting and that you really want him to start feeling something authentic and sincere for you. However, there are signs which would help you make a distinction of one from the other. He may actually feel a whole lot of love for you, but he is frequently thinking about having sex with you. That is not a sign to be on the lookout for. What you must be aware of is the behaviour that occurs before and after they've had their way with you. Below are a bunch of signs to look out for.
#1: A man in love simply goes out of his way to be with you and spend some time with you. A man in lust never cares of spending time with you.
#2: A man in love is someone who likes to call you every now and then and check up on you, ensuring everything's okay. A man in lust sporadically calls you up to meet him at some place hush-hush, like his house or yours.
#3: A man in love desires to know more concerning you, including the details of your life. The man who is just lusting after you doesn't have an interest in anything about you.
#4: The man in lust is somebody who's not seen you at your worst moments. A man in love goes out of the way to make sure he's there by your side when times get tough.
#5: A guy who is in love with you sees you as much as he can. Any man who feels the opposite sees you either on the weekend or at the last minute.
These are the signs to look out for if you would like to know if it is love or lust he is feeling for you.

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