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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Meaning of Togetherness In a Relationship

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e're living in an increasingly disposable world. Where 50% of all marriages end up in divorce, even our relationships have become disposable. So many factors go into having a successful relationship, and while it is good to have wants and desires, we should always be flexible for the better of the union, and be conscientious of the needs of our partner.
Togetherness in Love
Sometimes through infatuation we don't select the best partners. Perhaps they are super hot, engaging, or you had great sex, all of which can cloud your vision from what is really there. However, select someone who is going to be there, good or bad, through the thick and thin. Togetherness takes time, effort and commitment. It's no joke. Make sure you really ARE in love, and not simply loving. Being IN love, means that you're willing to listen, and respect your partner, and should be willing to do anything necessary to make their happiness like your own.
Struggling Together
No relationship is perfect. Life will have a way of turning your perfect little world upside down. Many people will give up too early, and find reasons to break up during times of difficulty. You don’t have to give up for trivial or selfish reasons. Relationships are meant to test our resolve, and teach us fortitude, and most importantly, teach us about ourselves.  You gain nothing by running away. The strength and stability you gain by standing side by side, creates the type of relationship we dream of... built on a foundation of mutual support, relief, and truth.
Real Togetherness
The path to togetherness is a long and rich journey. It requires a presence of mind, the ability to accept change and manage difficulty, AND the aptitude to discover that evolution is very much a part of a healthy relationship. It is also about discovering new things with your partner. It is about learning, about evolving. Staying in your relationship in spite of trouble teaches you so many things - about yourself, your partner, life and relationship in general. So, rather than see the future of your relationship as a chore, see it as an opportunity for healing, wholeness, change, maturity and most of all, TOGETHERNESS.
It's not the institution of marriage or relationship that has changed. People can change the way they view relationship. Society as a whole has become much more independent, and selfish, we are living in a world where we cast of and dispose things easily, because they may not suit our immediate need, or fit a particular mindset we've become too dependent on. We must break the chains that hold us back, and understand there is much still to learn, and the happiness we seek is directly associated with the togetherness we're willing to invest in. You and your partner owe to each other to rid yourselves of mistrust, and selfishness. The world around you doesn't revolve around a singular point of view. Embrace the opportunity to learn from each other, support each other during your insecurities, and lift up one another so you may both share in your successes, love, and dreams.

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