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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Power of Love

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y the time we are past our teens, most of us have had our share of loves and losses, disappointments and rejections and sometimes outright heartache. For some, this becomes an excuse to be bitter or mean or to always create distance or chaos to avoid the pain of ever getting close again. Some of us have enjoyed many years of a reasonably happy committed relationship or marriage only to have it end abruptly through infidelity, changed circumstances or death of partner. And some us remain in relationships which provide ongoing pain and suffering. Where has all the love gone?
I believe there is only one power in this world - LOVE. Negative emotions, evil thoughts, and even demonic actions are actually merely the absence of love. Where love exists, there is little room for anything else. If we can find a way to bring back the love we once shared with our current partner or the loving anticipation we once felt at the thought of meeting someone new, then all things may be possible.
Love consciousness. That is the love I am talking about, not the kind of self-centred, demanding, eye-for-an-eye type of love. Love consciousness allows us to see beyond the immediate appearance in front of us. Our partner may be raging but if we have the strength of love in our heart, we can actually see past the hostile words.
I am not suggesting that we need a situation that may be emotionally, physically or even spiritually harmful to us. But when we truly develop love consciousness, it becomes difficult to hate and much easier to forgive. And forgiveness is what heals our own heart and allows us to move forward in our life with love.
Love consciousness involves these components:
©  recognizing that love consciousness is the one true power
©  de-personalizing every thought, word or action of our own or others
Imagine yourself living in this state of love consciousness. How might you respond to your partner's anger? What if you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are lovable and loved?
What do YOU believe about love? Do YOU believe that love conquers all, that love overcomes fear, anger and any negative emotions? Do you believe there is any power stronger than love? Do you agree that love is truly the one power? Allow yourself to feel that love, to express that love and to be that love that is truly all powerful beyond measure.

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