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Monday, December 12, 2011

After breakup Cure 2

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en and women vary on how they manage themselves after break-up. Now, let us know WHAT TO DO AFTER THE BREAK-UP...
Since it's not easy to move one, there is nothing better than to take the first step after the break-up..
Forget - it's not as easy as ABC to forget the past especially when you two have been together for a couple of months or years. It's good to reminisce your sweet memories as well as it's such so tough to swallow the pain of flashing back the bad things happened during your relationship. Dear, you would only kill yourself slowly if you just going to hide in the dark and crying while recalling the past.. To move on is first, to forget.
Forgive - it would be an unhappy ending for you, maybe because you ended up fighting. It is hard to forgive someone who made you cry and hurt you. I say, forgiveness is a gift for you! It might not be your fault, but once you have forgiven that person, then you are going to be ready to explore more about yourself. Forgive and forget as what old proverb says. When you forgive, you also give freedom for yourself. And this is the essential way to move on.
Hang-out! - don't be loner, don't be self-pity loner. And never attempt to harm yourself just because of a love got lost. Occasional hang-outs with your peers and family would really give a relief on your burden. It's undeniable, there are a lot of people that surrounds you, love and care for you more than you'll ever know. Crying is good but hanging-out is the best way to recover.
Be sociable - When the pain caused by the break-up strikes you, just keep busy doing new things. Engage yourself in outdoor activities or social affairs like joining with sports or travel in many places that are new to you. Such activities will help you not only to be physically fit but also it refreshes your entire aura. Be sociable not to replace you ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, but to create your new atmosphere and you'll find out there's a better and happier tomorrow without your stupid ex!
Pray - if you believe in God, then talk to him. He is the only One who listens to you without hesitations and He hears your prayers and He sees your pain you’re going through. All things will work if you do it with prayers. Talking to God asking Him to lighten up your heavy load will be such the best thing you have to do after the break-up.

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