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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Do You Notice these? He May Have Fallen in Love!

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he path to falling in love is laden with danger, hidden pitfalls and unexpected turns but you do not want all this uncertainty and suspense. You want some guidelines to help you to navigate this path to love so that you don't waste time with unresponsive, going-nowhere guys. You want to know how men show they are in love with you so that you can invest your energies in a man who are 'feeling you'. What are the ways men show they are in love with you?
They include you in their future. A man who is in love with you will see you in his future and will thus include you in his future plans or dreams. When he talks about his future does he include you in that future? When he makes plans for the holidays or for his friend's wedding or for the seasons celebrations...are you part of those plans? If he has invited you or assumes that you will be there with him then he is showing you that he is in love with you. If on the other hand he does not love you, then he will not discuss the future with you or when he does discuss the future you are not a part of it. It's him and his friends or family doing this or the other activity with no mention of you. You may be falling in love with him but the feelings are not reciprocated!
They try to fix your problems. A man who is in love with you will want to make you as comfortable as possible and so he will always want to fix your problems. And not just the usual guy stuff but even the more girly stuff that would be usually out of his depth. His help may sometimes irritate you as men and women tackle emotional problems different. So if he is trying to help you out with some other emotional issue then he must care deeply for you and that's how he expresses it as he is clearly out of his comfort zone.
They let you see the range of their feelings. A man who is in love with you will not be able to hide parts of him from you. His love for you makes him open up to you and he will let you see him frustrated, angry, happy, vulnerable etc. If on the other hand he only shows you his happy side or his frustrated side then there is something wrong with him or with the relationship. This is a warning sign to you that you need to pay close attention to this man and this relationship so that you understand what is going on as something isn't quite right here.
They are with you in sickness and in health. A man who is in love with you will not abandon you when you are unwell or depressed. If he is in love with you then he will be a part of your life in good times and in bad ones. If he vanishes from your life when you are sick but bounces back when you are well...then he is not in love with you. He may be in-like with you but not in love with you.
They are faithful and true to you. A man who is in love with you will be himself with you and he will be focused on you. He will thus be emotionally faithful to you and his desire will be for an exclusive relationship with you. If he still wants to play the field then he may be in-like with you but not in love with you.
He speaks his love language to you. A man who is in love with you will show you by doing for you that which would make him feel loved. He will assume that your love language is the same as his love language. So look out for his words of affirmation or for gifts or him doing things for you or him spending quality time with you or him touching you physically. There may be a mismatch with your love language so don't always expect him to love you in the ways that you would like but watch to see if he is loving you in the way that he knows. Sometimes you may be blinded by our expectations but you need to lay those aside and see him and what it is that he is doing for you.
A man who is falling in love with you will display this love in the way they act towards you. The signs are not all inclusive as each man has a different love language, have been socialized differently; and may have been shaped by previous girlfriends etc. So each man is different in how he displays his love for you.

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