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Sunday, December 11, 2011

How To Make Him Care For You More

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o you feel neglected and alone because your husband isn't showing you the affection you deserve? It's not easy to go through such an experience. If the level of affection towards you has decreased, it clearly shows that the quality of the relationship is declining and it might end in a bitter way. But don't fret about it.
If you feel that your husband isn't giving you the attention you deserve, don't get scared that he might leave you. If you love him and would like to make him show his love for you, you can do it. It's possible... The power is in your hands. Your man has lost the attraction towards you. If you want him to pay more attention towards you, you need to regain that attraction.
If you are willing to do the right things that will make him feel attracted to you, you will naturally regain his interest and bring back the lost spark in the relationship.
Here are sure fire ways to make your husband be more affectionate with you...
Accept him completely...
I've noticed one common mistake among all women who tend to screw up their relationships with men. They set standards and expect men to behave in certain ways. And when their man doesn't respond the way they want him to, they get disappointed and hurt. When this happens on a repeated basis, they start to nag him. They act desperate and do various things that screw the relationship up in a lot of ways.
But the most interdependent and effective paradigm any woman can adopt is the attitude of accepting everything. It doesn't matter how you want your man to be. But just completely accept him for who he is without any complaints. Once you do that, you can actually change things. Don't nag him. It breaks trust in the relationship.
Get a man's perspective...
The best thing a wife can do in a failing marriage is to get a double perspective. If your husband doesn't understand you and isn't paying any attention to you, it's because he feels that he isn't understood. Don't assume that you understand him. If you truly understood him, you'll actually have more influence and power over your man than you can imagine.
If you want to be understood and cared for by your husband, you must first seek to understand. Get a genuine desire to learn his perspective. Take a troubling situation and look at it from a third party perspective and from his perspective. Do this exercise, every single day. Ask questions and have him talk things out.
If a man feels truly understood by a woman, he will naturally begin to shower more love and attention towards that woman. When a man isn't understood by his wife and a woman outside the marriage understands him, he tends to cheat. But if you are proactive and take the steps to truly understand his needs, desires and fears, you'll have more control over the relationship.

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