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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Importance of Devotion

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fter trust, intimacy, and cooperation, comes devotion. Devotion is recognition that you have found a level of deep harmony in a relationship. Heart has opened and embraced and the mind no longer wanders. You feel a connection to each other and something more. It is this something more that gives the magic feel to a relationship. It is the purpose for why two lovers meet and a potential indicator of what the relationship can achieve in partnership with the universe.
Relationships are a doorway for people to achieve higher awareness of themselves and life, if they have been brought together in love. Devotion is a level of growth in a relationship of love where unconscious beliefs and habits dissolve and clarity of unity begins to unfold between two people. They think and feel alike. Creatively, they are able to dance with the universe playfully and bring forth inspirations from their hearts to enjoy and share with others. They have found a home in their hearts together and they sit on the steps of the universe and wonder what's next.
The power to create and enjoy a blissful relationship with life is based on this principle of devotion. A scattered or disturbed mind has little power to achieve. Two minds in mutual conflict live in hell, but two surrendered hearts achieve cooperation with life and the universe and are granted the privilege of co-creating a future that heals and allows two people to experience the fullest measure of their potentials together. Your intimacy together, blends with the intimacy of life.
You remember who and what you are together and you understand the mysteries of life effortlessly, because the mind is no longer in conflict with existence. You experience truth as an extension of your being and not a theory to be followed or idealized. There is nothing sweeter than to remember together and share these memories in a new awareness. Two have become ONE and oneness is the true nature of all existence.
Most people share their bodies in a relationship for sex only; some will share their minds and emotions, but few will surrender everything: sex, minds, and emotions, to the heart of each other and build trust, which leads to intimacy for cooperation in a purpose that can only manifest in devotion. To work with life and the universe, you have to achieve a devotion to each other and a devotion to the purpose of your partnership with the universe.
When unity is found at the core of apparent division, an explosion of purpose bursts forth and clarity is achieved to manifest a vision that is buried deep in the hearts of all lovers. The gift of shared love is that you are joined to the universe in a playful dance of possible outcomes. Nothing is set in stone, but as a couple, you are given the freedom to explore and learn the meaning of existence and your places in it forever.

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