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Friday, December 9, 2011

Is There Really a Remedy for a Broken Heart?

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reak up pain in my opinion is the flip side to one of life's most powerful and complex forces. Read on not only for my explanation but to find out that there is life after a painful split.
Although no one wants to experience the pain that comes with a break up, the reason we feel pain in the first place is because the tremendous sense of loss that comes upon us at the point of realization that it's over.
Break up pain- proof that you have the capacity to love.
One way to look at break up pain is to view it as a barometer of exactly how much we loved someone. In a sense, the pain we experience when we part with someone we really care for, can be viewed as proof that what we in fact felt for that person was love. That pain is also proof that you have the capacity to love and, more importantly to love again.
Not many people are alone in this regard. Everyone has their own unique story of a love lost that resides somewhere in a very painful place in their hearts and minds.
Break up pain is unique in that not many things in life that we experience can be compared to it. Other than the death of a loved one, break up pain stands alone as the singular most painful experience that we will ever have in life. How many things in life is said to cause so much pain to have you literally hold up, deeply depressed in your room feeling as though there is nothing to live for, sleeping 18 or more hours a day, not bathing or eating?
That's not only break up pain but again, it's the mysterious power of love. Or in other words, two sides of the same coin.
Getting over break up pain takes time.
There are no easy solutions or remedy to a broken heart that I can advise only just to say, if you were ever able to open your heart and fully love someone so deeply once, you certainly should be able to do it again.
If necessary, you'll have to get over any fear of ever being hurt again. This is something that you will definitely need to do if you are ever going to love again. You have to move on. 

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