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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Kind of Women Men Don't want To be Around

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ome women were gifted with a beautiful face, but their relationships always tend to fail miserably... Why? Because they all seem to have some common habits, traits and qualities that would scare off men in general!
No man wants to be with women who take everything from men for granted and never give anything back in return. Some women expect men to pamper and take care of them, to pay for their rents, to buy them presents, and do them favour, but on the other hand, they wouldn't do anything for their man. This is commonly known as the "Princess Syndrome" and most men will not want to be around such women. Love is at its best when both man and woman are both contributing their love and efforts to make their relationship or marriage work! Give and receive in love shall be a two-way traffic, if a woman only receive but does not give, most men will not stand it for very long. Over time, they will grow tired and start to drift away from the relationship or marriage. Men are quite serious about the first date and how a woman behave in the beginning of a relationship, if a woman plays too much game, testing men such as being late on purpose and playing hard to get, most men would just give up. Men also hate annoying women, and fear women who spell trouble. Below are examples of some women's habits and qualities that men dislike:
Women who expect men to do things for them but never give anything in return.
Women who think she is the hottest thing in the world and men should worship her.
Women, who are cheap and doesn't spend any money on her man.
Women who think being late is no big deal and claiming she was just being fashionably late.
Women, who are close minded and always gossip about others, including her friends.
Women, who worship designer brands and expect men to always buy for them.
Women who play love games in certain ways that make men feel disrespected.
Women who love to start arguments and have frequent mood swings.
Women, who talk crap about their ex-boyfriend, if at all there was any.
Women who are gold diggers and require high-maintenance.
Women who thinks she is better than everyone else.
Women who are passive, negative and hysterical.
Women who are likely to get drunk.
Women who always act like a smart ass.
Most men do not want to be around women with the above qualities! Some men would date them but they would never consider marrying them. In the end, when it comes to marriage and finding a lifetime partner, men and women both tend to look for someone who is genuine, sincere, loving, caring and down to earth. After all, no one wants to be around someone who is selfish and demanding.

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