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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Love Can Help You Live Longer, True or False? Read, Digest and Respond.

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ing and love are intimate kins. Zing means a lively, zestful quality - zest, vigour, force and vitality. Just as the body needs food for its nourishment, so does the soul. It is the beautiful necessity of our nature to love someone. Sir W. Temple has said, "The greatest pleasure of life is love." This is a universal phenomenon.
There comes a time when the souls of human beings - women more than men - begin to fade if there is no love in their lives. Like flowers, they begin to wilt and then fade away. Love is to women what sunshine is to flowers.
The essence of love lies in giving, not taking. That is why Theodore Reiek observed that love is not a passion but an activity.
This is very well illustrated: watch women around you. Some even in their 70s look fresh, beautiful and radiant. They are the ones who give love and in the process, get heaps of it. This sunshine of the soul shows on their faces, in bodies and body language.
Conversely, look upon some young (in calendar years) women and watch; they look old, sagging in spirits and in feminine charms. They are premature fossils of womankind. Why? They have neither given nor got love. They are like sunflowers which never exposed themselves to sunlight!
Modern researchers have revealed that love prolongs life and adds many dimensions to happiness.
People have repeatedly claimed that there is something about "love" that makes the heart tick and the brain come alive. Essays have been written on love, and its effect on general health.
People who have someone to love and who are loved live longer and have happy lives. Love is given unsolicited, with no expectations. It is given generously, unselfishly. It cannot be bought. It takes the mind off our own selves and makes us concentrate on the beloved.
Does love help you live longer? The question however is: is it worth living longer if there is no love in life? There are many different kinds of love and all types of love are important in making life longer and happier. In situations where the emotional state of mind has a role to play in our physical well-being, love makes an impact because we have something to live for, whether our love is of a romantic nature, love for a child, love for a friend, or love for the family.
Love Force
It is love that enables us to pull through disease and sickness. Love helps us overcome odds that are against us. The absence of love can have us falling into a state of despair and giving up before we manage to put up a solid fight.
A life of life is filled with laughter. Laughter is the best medicine for many ills that we suffer from. Love can be medicinal in many situations because it is so closely associated with laughter and cheerfulness.
Love provides good health and long life. "Love does have restorative, preventive, and curative element to it. Love is a powerful antibiotic," says psychologist Dr James T. Lynch. Lack of love leads to loneliness through divorce, death and being single which carrying a risk of premature aging. Loss of love affects the heart. The loss of love can take years from life.
Divorcees are more likely to suffer from disease such as hypertension. People tend to divorce because they have an unhappy marriage and high levels of stress. Divorced men or women have double the heart diseases than married ones. Married couples live longer than those who are divorced, widowed or single. Those who are married and happy are less likely to have financial or psychosomatic problems compared to the single. Married people recover more quickly from diseases.
Good sex makes for longer life. Men who have satisfied sex in their marriages tend to have fewer chances of dying prematurely from cardiovascular diseases compared to those who do not have. Women, who do not enjoy their love life due to their partner’s neglect are more likely to suffer from heart attacks.
What the Optimists Do
The optimists tend to care more for their health. Moreover, the optimistic attitude to life has been associated with faster recovery from injuries and diseases. It is related to the increase of the bodyƊ¼s defence against diseases.
Love is, in all its manifestations, the noblest emotion. It is love and being loved that makes us stronger and live longer. Love makes the world go round. It is a sort of sense of belonging and security which provides a positive change in the quality and length of life.
A man reserves his love not for the woman who physically allures and electrifies him but for the one in whose company he feels tender and dreamy.
The greatest, unfailing test of love is: do you love yourself in the company of a person? If your answer is positive, you are deeply in love with the person whose company makes your heart tick!

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