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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Secret to Great Sex In a Relationship

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he secret to great sex is no secret at all. In fact, in the beginning of most relationships, we naturally do the things that stimulate a great sex life. During that time it is often spontaneous, magical, and downright exciting. It is after the relationship builds and stabilizes, that couples can find themselves wondering how to get that magic back and are looking to spice up their relationship. So let's take a look at those special ingredients that make the magic happen naturally.
As a relationship begins to take shape, there is a bit of mystery in both minds. This mystery keeps the brain actively wondering what is next, and thinking about what has already happened. This is why new couples can't stop thinking about each other in the beginning. The early stage couple will play a bit more, pushing the limits of "good and bad" as the two people come closer to each other forming the long term relationship. Each new experience they share together adds to the brain activity, as they wonder what is next, and reveling in the moments that just passed. This makes for really great sex, as you are both eager to see each other.
Attention and affection are at their all time high in the beginning of a relationship. You hold hands, open doors, steal kisses, and act a little naughty when alone (or even when not alone). The amount of attention builds up and enhances the sexual desires of both people. This is one area that should always be maintained, no matter how many years you are together. The level and intensity of intimacy will always have a direct effect on the quality and quantity of sex. If someone is wanted when not in the bedroom, the bedroom will become very cold. This is why lust is so common in the beginning of a relationship. And why sex can happen anywhere when you are together.
Respect is another major element in someone's sex life. There has to be a certain amount of respect for both individuals to maintain a relationship. If one party does things to lose that level of respect, the relationship will soon follow a path of destruction. Ugly people will not enjoy fulfilling and rewarding relationships, and sex will never be more than sex. Great sex will always elude them, as they don't even respect themselves. “Ugly” means being ugly inside. It’s not in the physical sense because everyone is beautiful; the difference is your attitude to life
So, to summarize how to have great sex:
You never have to lose that hot sexy lustful feeling that rocked your early relationship. By understanding the key ingredients that came naturally in the beginning and making sure they remain a part of your relationship, your sex life will always be incredible.
The hot foreplay you acted on at the beginning will carry on. Make sure to touch and play with each other, and not let age or time together matter. Keep the relationship young and alive by creating and acting on those same impulses and desires that kept both of you on each other's minds.
Be romantic, and keep your partner wondering what is next. You can keep the air of mystery alive even after 50 years of marriage. Romance is just a collection of small gestures that are focused on minute details of your loved one. Make the time to think of new ways to surprise your special someone, even if it is to call and say hi during a busy day at work.
Treat everyone who touches your life with respect and with care, especially your partner. Not only will this make you beautiful to your partner, but will make you beautiful to yourself as well. Men and women both find a beautiful person on the inside to be desirable. Keep yourself this way, and enjoy the rewards. If you don't like who you are, no one else will either.
Love, like life, is what you make of it. So make the most of it, and enjoy everything it has to offer. Be all you can be to yourself and to your sweetheart, and you will always have great sex together. Great sex comes from strong emotions, feelings, physical contact, and admiration. Touch on all of these ingredients and a wonderfully healthy sex life will always follow.

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