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Friday, December 30, 2011

Secrets of Great Sex (Mature Minds Only)

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very man wants to give his woman GREAT SEX, but very few ever do. The reason why most men fail to give their women great sex is because they do not truly understand what women want, need and desire IN THE BEDROOM.
And if you don't know and understand what a woman wants -- you can't give it to her.
Makes sense, right?
With that said, you are about to discover 3 SEXUAL SECRETS about women and the bedroom that most men will never know. Knowing these sexual secrets will give you the understanding of women that you need to have in order to give your woman GREAT SEX.
So please read on carefully as this has the power to INSTANTLY improve your 'sex-life' and intimate relationship...
1. Women Love Sex, But Only GREAT SEX
The first secret about women is that they absolutely LOVE sex. In fact, contrary to what many men think -- women love sex just as much as men.
But women are different in their love of sex when compared to men because they only want GREAT SEX, whereas 90% of men are happy to 'just be getting some'.
In order to live the 'sex-life' of your dreams, you must first know that women love sex when it's really really good.
2. There Must Be 'Sexual Balance' In the Bedroom
The next sexual secret is that there needs to be SEXUAL BALANCE in the bedroom.
Everything in life needs balance, right?
If you're all about money, but your health and relationship are lousy -- you're out of balance and you will feel unfulfilled.
If you're really healthy, but you have no money -- you're unbalanced and you know that things need to improve.
IN THE BEDROOM, things are no different -- there must be balance.
I use the term SEXUAL BALANCE to describe the balance between a woman being sexually submissive and a man being sexually dominant.
The trouble is, most men don't know how to be dominant in the bedroom.
To be dominant and achieve sexual balance in your bedroom you must take control and lead your woman. Then you can have GREAT SEX.
3. Women Are Creatures of Sexual Reciprocation
This is the sexual secret that will get you EVERYTHING you ever dreamed of in the bedroom and most guys just don't 'get it'.
This concept says that women are creatures of sexual reciprocation and its meaning is both simple and VERY POWERFUL...
Basically, women give as good as they get.
So if you want to have the best of sex in the bedroom -- first you must give your woman mind-blowing pleasure, including VAGINAL ORGASMS.
Do that -- and she will 'reciprocate' and give you everything you want in return. Guaranteed!

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