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Monday, December 19, 2011

Three Rules

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ave you ever been somewhere, and looked at a couple and thought, "What do they see in each other?" Don't fool yourself, happy couples know that true happiness comes from below the surface. There are certain things each must do to ensure the success and growth of their relationship, so it doesn't become stagnant and neglected.
1. Accept responsibility.
One of the biggest pressure's people place on a relationship is expecting their partner to be everything.  Is just that asking for disaster? You can't bring happiness into your relationship if you are personally unhappy in the rest of your life. By accepting responsibility of your own future, it makes it easier in accepting the responsibility you have in contributing to your relationship.
2. Do what you have to do.
Let's be honest, how a happy relationship works has been kicked around since men have been able to put pen to paper. However, at the end of the day it all boils down to what you're willing to do for it. If you want to be happy with your partner ensure you are BOTH doing all that is necessary to make it work, because relationship is work. Sometimes, you may feel like it's not your problem, or not your issue, but if it's a concern to you or your partner, you both must be willing to work together to ensure of your happiness.
3. Talk, and talk some more.
I can't tell you how imperative being able to communicate effectively will make things better and take your relationship to another level. You have to listen to your partner and do the things that will make them happy. Listening is learning. Loving is living. Learn to listen!
So these are three rules to happiness.  Use them every day to make your relationship the very best it can be. I would love to hear what you do to make your relationship be the very best it can be. Share your story, and just perhaps, you'll give someone the key to their happiness.

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