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Monday, December 26, 2011

Topics That Every Married Couple Must Always Discuss Frankly

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any married couples, as well as couples about to be married shortly, mostly do not discuss certain intimate subjects. Why should sex, finances, and child-rearing be taboo topics for discussion? They are subjects a lot of folks try to avoid. The fact is every married couple needs to talk about these things honestly and openly. Only then will they be able to strike a lasting bond between them. If expressing your views makes your partner care any less about you, then you have no business being married in the first place.
It's amazing how many people never discuss sex. Instead, they follow their spur-of-the-moment urges, and when sex is over, it's done until next time. They spend no time discussing what would make the two of them more comfortable, give them more pleasure, or make these intimate moments more memorable. This can lead to one or both partners feeling unsatisfied sexually which often leads to infidelity. You should be having regular conversations about sex with each other, including the time spent leading up to intercourse and the minutes after. All three of these time periods are critical to the utmost enjoyment of both partners.
Talking about your views on finances and spending is a good idea both before and after the wedding. If you are both too liberal in your spending, one of you is a penny pincher while the other is not, or if you have different ideas about what is important in life, you're headed for marital strife. Having separate bank accounts usually isn't the best idea. Instead, you need to work out your budget together and trust each other with the money you do have. Pooling your resources results in a stronger bond between you and teaches you both to compromise.
Before you ever get married, talk about having children. If one partner wants them and the other doesn't, you need to work the problem out ahead of time. Learn how your partner feels about raising children, his or her philosophy on discipline, and whether or not your future spouse is going to be willing to partner with you in the child-raising process. If one of you says no, your spouse needs to back you up instead of siding with the child. Once you're married and have children, make it a point to never argue in front of them. Postpone your discussion until you have a chance to be alone so that you can always present a united front to your kids.
Dealing with these issues head-on is going to make your marriage journey much easier in the long run. Knowing where each other stands as far as sex, money, and children are concerned will save you a lot of arguments down the road.

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