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Friday, December 2, 2011

Unconditional Love

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Most of us spend our waking hours around people. My guess is that most of those hours are spent 
·         trying to please those people,
·         getting them to say/act like they are pleased with you,
·         getting them to do what you want them to,
·         avoiding doing what they're trying to manipulate you to do, and
·         making your best effort to get along with them all.
How many of us are coming from a loving place in any of these hours? It's almost as though the human being is wired to be skeptical, disapproving, judgmental and distrusting of everyone else on the planet.
Now I know that parents love their children, and that there are all sorts of random acts of love that take place every day on our planet. Yes, true. My real question is why isn't this, the norm? Where is our inborn ability to love unconditionally - all the time?
Well, our ability to love unconditionally is indeed a natural part of each human, with each of us born with that ability. Very quickly, the need to keep our bodies and beings safe and secure from other human beings leads us to develop defences. These defences are called programs of survival.
Those programs of survival may be useful when we are quite small and have not fully developed our strength and resources. But frankly, as adult humans, we don't need them anymore - yet we never dropped them.
To love unconditionally requires that we feel secure and safe - that our survival is not an issue. This is primal. But we organized societies, clans, extended family groups whose sole purpose is to keep its members safe and secure so that they survive. So why didn't we return to our unconditionally loving state within those groups?
Now, in our organized societies, as adults, all we need to do to return to our innate unconditional loving person is to decide to do so. But with this decision comes the need to let go (if only we knew how) of those old survival programs.
What Does It Take to Love Unconditionally?
Face it! Those survival programs are lifetimes old and well ingrained in our subconscious. And what is the subconscious but a "tank" where we stored programs, feelings, memories, and so forth that we didn't want to look at anymore?
We need a method - a practical way, a measurable way - to lift these old programs, memories and feelings out of our subconscious. What makes me say this? It's those old programs and feelings that are covering up our ability to love unconditionally! Remember - we have agreed that we are naturally, (from birth as humans) unconditionally loving beings. This is natural state of unconditional love. This state never went away; it simply got covered up and lost under the mountain of old survival programs, negative and limiting thoughts and feelings, old stories and old memories.
All this may be old stuff to you - or it may be new information that is good food for thought. But the bottom line is: even as naturally loving beings, each of us made a decision at one point to be that more than any other way. Some of us to just go all the way and remove (eliminate) all that old cover-up with a sure-fire methodology.
Are you fed up with trying to make your relationship work - minding your behaviours and words in all sorts of situations so that you don't rub other people the wrong way or get in trouble?
Your closest, most intimate relationship could definitely benefit from loving unconditionally, couldn't they? How much better would you feel in your life if all your interactions with your partner were smooth and harmonious, loving and trusting, open and fearless?
Are you ready to gently and easily experiment with your ability to love unconditionally, and thus improve the quality of all your relationship? There is a tried-and-true method for letting go of old stories, thoughts and feelings, and old programs that no longer serve any purpose for you.
You'll be surprised how easy it is to get started doing this work.

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