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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ways to Create Closeness

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You come across some articles occasionally that marriage world over is on the decline. Although many people may not want to get married they do yearn to be in caring meaningful relationships. Here are five tips for creating closeness:
1. Make sure that your words and actions are aligned
When you say one thing and then do something different or do not follow through, trust is destroyed. Whenever there is an inconsistency between your words and actions it gets in the way of creating closeness. It is hard to trust someone when they are not truthful. Trust has to be built and protected.
2. Think of both of you as being having great value
Respect is fundamental to creating a loving intimate relationship. I am referring to seeing each other as having great worth. When you believe that you both have great worth you also accept that each of you brings unique strengths to the relationship.
3. Be sure to say you are sorry
In caring a relationship it is important to take responsibility to apologize when you know you have said or done something that has upset the other. It takes little effort to say the words "I am sorry" but it will mean a lot to your relationship if each is able to apologize.
4. When you disagree, look for solutions
Two people are going to see things differently. It is healthy to speak from the heart and share your thoughts... However, if you are talking about something that affects both of you, be sure to arrive at a solution that both can support. It is more important that you resolve the issue in a satisfactory manner rather than insisting on your way.
5. Remember that intimacy has to be built
Intimacy occurs in relation to another. Your relationship will grow in closeness when you care about each other's dreams and when you cooperate and support each other. Ask yourself are you being love worthy? To be love worthy means that you take full responsibility to be the kind of person who is able to both give and receive love.


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