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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ways to Put Back Trust in Your Relationship

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s your relationship suffering because of a lack of trust? Has trust been broken, or was it never there in the first place? Many relationships fall apart, not because there is really anything wrong, but because trust has never been established. Sometimes a couple will spend all their time and efforts working on the wrong things in their relationship. And as a result, the real problem is still there and will eventually resurface. For instance, many spend their time trying to "spice up" their relationship. But this was never the issue in the first place. It was never that there was not enough excitement and romance in their lives. It was simply that they never had that level of trust in each other that keeps a relationship stable. Being consistent and predictable are much more important in building a lasting relationship than adding variety and being spontaneous.
There are 7 simple ways that you can put the trust back in your relationship and if you follow these 7 methods it will help you to improve your relationship and make it more stable and reliable than ever before.
First, as mentioned earlier, be consistent and predictable. You don't have to constantly "spice things up" to keep your romance alive. Although there is a time and place for that, the thing that makes a relationship work is the knowledge that both partners have that they can count on each other. Trust is built on knowing that your loved one is reliable and can be counted on, day in and day out. Most people need a certain amount of structure and predictability in their lives. Couples are no different. Work on being consistent in your attitudes and how you respond to your mate and the different situations you both faces. The foundation of trust is being consistent and predictable.
Next, always make sure that your words and actions match. If you say one thing but do another, your mate won't be able to trust what you say. Also make sure that your expression and body language match your words. If you are happy then stop frowning when you are talking. If you have confidence in your mate then let your eyes and facial expressions show it.
Third, you have to believe in your mate and his/her ability. Without this fundamental belief in them, the relationship will not survive. You must communicate to your loved ones that you believe in them. When a person knows that you believe in them, they often rise up to another level of existence and accomplishment and new levels of trust are established.
Fourth, make your mate aware of your needs. Don't keep your needs hidden. Keeping your partner guessing of your needs is not the right way. This only leads to unhappiness and a sense of not being fulfilled. Acknowledging that you have needs is not selfish. Not giving your mate the opportunity to respond to your needs is very selfish indeed. You must trust them enough to know that they want to meet you at your point of need also.
Fifth, don't keep secrets from your partner. Let them in on it. Be open and honest with them. Keeping secrets has destroyed many a great relationship. Trust your mate enough to share with them. If you keep things to yourself, your mate will think that you don't trust them enough to share with them. This will only breed more distrust.
Just because you say no or disagree with your partner does not mean that you do not approve of them. It simply means that you do not agree with them on an issue. Be sure to communicate this to them so they won't get it confused with disapproval.
Finally, make your relationship and its survival the most important thing. Yes, you will probably get hurt sometimes. There will be heartache, pain, upsets, setbacks and tough situations to get through. But these are all important parts of living in relationship with another person. If responded to in the right way, they will help to strengthen and confirm your relationship and your commitment to each other. If you remain steadfast and consistent in how you respond to these events, then you will establish a level of trust that cannot be shaken no matter what life throws at you.

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